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Time on My Hands

Posted: February 8, 2013 in Professionally Speaking
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Who wouldn’t want to have some time on their hands?

Well, I would and I’ve got it! (…though I would highly recommend NOT breaking bones to do it. But that’s a story for another blog!)

In the past two months while recovering and rehabilitating I have spent a lot of time reading, pondering life, examining my career direction and connecting with people–old friends, ‘long lost’ cousins, new colleagues. What a luxury it is to have TIME on my hands! Though I’ve certainly wasted a lion’s share of it I’m discovering that time, particularly invested time, is a necessity in order to reclaim your ‘center’ and find some clarity. (This epiphany gleaned from one of my recent reads, The Musician’s Soul by James Jordan.)

If you don’t invest that time that we ALL need to regroup, LIFE has a certain way of bringing it about. Sometimes life (or God or fate…?) presents you with an opportunity to learn something, meet someone, take a different path, or simply, to breathe. If you don’t grab ahold the first time, I’m learning that life will continue presenting that opportunity until you finally PAY ATTENTION. It may be in a different form or disguised as something else (like a setback perhaps?) but it’s really the same opportunity to either make that change or reaffirm the choices you’ve made.

Aside from recentering and redirecting, Time also provides a unique opportunity to learn something new and useful especially when you can devote a good chunk of it to focusing on acquiring said new skill. With this unexpected time on my hands I am embarking on a new journey into the world of ed tech. But before imagining how to implement technology (into one’s classroom for example) you first need to LEARN IT yourself. And so, I’m logging a LOT of screen time these days attempting to get current. The lesson? When your cell contract comes up GET THE UPGRADE and remember, TIME FLIES when you’re on mat leave!

One of the best things TIME can provide is, as that old ‘mom & apple pie’ adage says, REST. I remember asking a mentor teacher of mine what I could do to prepare for my impending internship. My mind was spinning with all the technical details of my upcoming job and all the things I didn’t know. Her answer? REST. Sometimes we just need to step off the trail (…hamster wheel, merry-go-round, insert your metaphor for life Here) and take a well deserved, and well needed REST.

So, what would you do if you had some extra time on your hands?