Ed Tech

A Neophyte’s Adventures in Ed Tech

This page features my stumblings and triumphs with a variety of technologies that are new to me. I plan to collect links to various teaching ideas and resources for using these technologies in the classroom.

TWITTER- I am using this as a professional learning network (PLN) while reserving my Facebook account for my more personal connections. To date, I am following lots of tweeters in my areas of interest – some organizations and some individuals. I’ve retweeted and added to favorites but am only just beginning to direct tweet. I still am not using the hashtag feature effectively and would like to learn more about live chats. I also would like to figure out how to categorize incoming tweets because I cannot keep up!

2/15/13 Starting to learn about lists….hoping this will help categorize the plethora of ‘stuff’ coming in!

2/23/13 Getting brave! Posting my blog posts to twitter (and facebook), direct tweeted a music prof who doesn’t know me from a hole in the ground (!), AND following and being followed by key players in our school division. EEK!;)

3/7/13 Ok, finally getting this hashtag business sorted out! What an amazing way to cut through all the noise! searching by hashtags. Yay!

BLOGGING- I think this technology has me most captivated! Through tweets, Facebook posts, and random surfing I have found links to many amazing educators with inspiring blogs and uses for blogs. I am working hard to get this personal blog up and running as a practice for a future classroom blog. I have spent A LOT of time trying to create my site but I’m really enjoying the process! My next step is to develop my blogroll, link in some resources and figure out this business of RSS feeds.

2/17/13 Found some blogs to follow. Well, cheated from a friend really but I think that’s ok! If you have some good educator blogs let me know. Hmm..here’s a question, when will I read all this stuff?!

PINTEREST- I found Pinterest a few years ago but baulked at the amount of time it eats up! I’ve recently reactivated my account and am loving the pinning process. I especially love the graphic organizer format and am wondering how this translates to the other platforms I’m ‘collecting’ on. (I’m quickly losing track of where all my ‘favourites’ are!)

2/23/13 not spending much time here yet but am now following a zillion music resource boards!

SKYPE – 2/28/13 Setting up my account but hit a snag…apparently my school issued laptop doesn’t have a camera! ha! Trying to convince IT that I should have one;)

3/7/13 ….and NEW laptop. Skype anyone?!

Next on my list? iPad (gotta get one!) and Apps, YouTube, Skype, Instagram, Prezi, LinkedIn…I know there’s plenty more but do I really need all this stuff?! How do you narrow in on what technologies and social media platforms to focus on? It’s all Greek (or is it GEEK?) to me!

5/13 Proud new owner of a mini-iPad…now what!


Apps to Try for digital storytelling

Screenchomp, ShowMe and ExplainEverything are three apps that work well for digital storytelling. VoiceThread

vine:https://vine.co/ 1second everyday:http://1secondeveryday.com/

For gathering info:

Pearltrees, evernote? scoop.it

For learning or sharing learning:

Podcasts…? audacity

Anki – flashcard app

Kahoot- creating a game with visuals and videos playing in the background

For managing reading lists:

Newsify, ReadKit, Feedly



Shellyterrell@gmail. com
Resources http://Bit.ly/ELTLINKs
Pear.ly/cw_yj and Bit.ly/Gtools



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