About Me

Welcome to my brain’s storm!

I am a teacher, wife and mom to two amazing kids on the Canadian prairies. I am also a singer, music director, and life-long learner. My twelve years of teaching experience has been focused primarily on music (specifically high school Choir, Vocal Jazz and elementary band) but I have also taught a variety of other courses including Entrepreneurship, Drama, InfoPro and Accounting. Talk about teaching ‘All that JAZZ’! Presently I am about to take on a new teaching challenge–this fall will see me ‘masquerading’ as a primary drama specialist! I am looking forward to my new role.

Personal and professional development have always been a prime focus for me. I am always looking at my teaching practices (and parenting practices!) and wondering how I can do better, be better, balance better. Currently, I am embarking on a new adventure in professional development as an ed tech neophyte and am hoping that the skills I acquire will serve me (and my students) well in my classroom and beyond.

  1. Scott says:

    Rae, Looking forward to reading your thoughts.

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