My major digital project for ECI 831 has morphed a little since its inception. I originally planned to work on student blogging for my project but given my half-time nature and the unsettled classroom dynamic I postponed that plan until later in the year. That left me looking for another project direction…

481541343_35d3b46710 (2)
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As a teacher new to the primary world I wanted to learn more about how to incorporate game-based learning into my teaching practice and so I set out to craft my project around that. I planned to look at how to engage young learners through games, technology and other play based methods and I thought the MOOC project option would be a great way to do it. I found three related MOOCs–Gamification in Education, iPads in the classroom and Getting Started with Minecraftedu–and got started.

As I completed the six module self-paced Gamification MOOC I was anxious to put my learning into practice before starting the iPad MOOC. Here are some of the game-based activities I’ve implemented thus far with my Grade 2s:

1. Rural or Urban – Students wrote rural and urban on opposite sides of a mini-whiteboard. I showed pictures on the board via the data projector and they had to guess rural or urban using their whiteboard ‘paddles’ as markers.

2. Compass Directions – Each student received a coloured paper arrow. I called out north, south, east or west and students had to point their arrow in the right direction. The last student pointing to the correct direction had to sit down until the round was over.

3. Scout Patrol Community Walk – Rather than simply go for a neighbourhood walk to learn about our community I staged the activity as an ordered scout patrol of this new planet to determine what the life forms were like and how they lived. The students loved being ‘Privates’ on patrol and the cross curricular hits (Drama, Phys. Ed and Social) were a bonus.

4. Survey Researcher – This was another staged learning activity where students were researchers for fictitious companies collecting data on favourite things, for example. In our next lesson they will create a bar graph to present their findings at a company meeting. We added a couple props-a company name tag, and clipboard-to make it more official!

Company Researcher pic

5. Helping the Hogwarts Owlery – Today (with the help of a couple of co-conspirators) our next adventure (and owl unit) began! An ‘owl’ delivered a letter from Professor Dumbledore requesting our help with the owls in the Hogwarts Owlery while Hagrid recovered from illness. The students at Hogwarts will do the actual work but require us to provide the information since they are busy studying for their OWLS;)! Should we require any prompting I bet we may just see another letter from the esteemed Professor Dumbledore! While the Harry Potter reference didn’t click with all of my young students, the excitement and number of reports of owl sightings went up tenfold:)! Again I’m excited to see the cross-curricular outcomes addressed in this staged adventure-from learning non-fiction text features to classifying and presenting information and of course, the obvious life science outcomes.

Letter from Dumbledore

In the midst of my game based learning I discovered that the free iPad MOOC I planned to take was unfortunately NOT free. (sad trombone…) Though it felt like I had too much lag time in between the next MOOC it did provide me the time to create the gaming experiences I described above.

At this point I was thinking I might just throw it all in and create one metagame for a local history unit I plan to introduce after Christmas. I want to again incorporate the drama element but include more technological features like having them solve puzzles or riddles on apps to earn clues or research online.

While I contemplate the metagame project the third MOOC begins! My young students, particularly the boys, are enthralled with Minecraft. Last spring I spent some time with a friend’s son getting familiar with the game but at the time I didn’t think it addressed enough curriculum outcomes to make it worth the hassle of attempting it with my grade threes given the short amount of time we had.

I’m hoping this Getting Started with Minecraftedu MOOC will push me over that threshold to attempting it with my students.

Onward and upward!

If you have any great game resources or ideas for my students please send them my way!





  1. Hi Rae, your blog is so awesome. Regarding your digital project, I’m not sure what kind of games you want, I know some games apps on ipad for children to learn culture and something like this. For instance, world culture, world book this day in history. They are free and awesome for children to learn something on ipad.

  2. mybrainstorm says:

    Aww, thanks Lisi! Definitely interested in any games that are for social or science but not necessarily requiring technology. I’m really just trying to be more ‘fun’ and engaging;)!
    Thanks for reading and please send those culture and history game links my way!

  3. Hey! Thanks for sharing with us! Later in the year once you start your blog let me know! My grade two students would love to connect with another grade two classroom. For social studies and science games I go to the Good Spirit School Division Website. Once you are on the website then click on the Online Resources (K-12) link under Curriculum in the red box. After you can find grade two and click on grade two subjects. There are lots of fun games that I have my students explore and the part I love most is that they organized the games into the different outcomes!! It is very handy because I am able to tell my students what specific games and activities that they can do for the day.

  4. […] learning back to my classroom with me and describe a few of the games I created in a post entitled, Morphing My MOOC Project. Since then I’ve been working on game elements to aid in classroom management. The […]

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