Gamification MOOC – First Impressions

Posted: September 20, 2014 in EC&I 831 Social Media & Open Education, ECI831 Final Digital Project, Ed Tech

I’m about a third of the way into the Gamification MOOC offered by online learning so I thought I’d stop to share my first impressions.


So far the content is hitting what I am hoping to learn, that is, the nature of using games in education. I am impressed by the inclusion of the theory behind the inclusion of games and am continually thinking about how to apply these concepts to my teaching practice with my primary students.


The video avatar and voice simulation seem a little cheesy for my taste but tolerable given I am learning. The content seems well sequenced and supported and though it seems very ‘home-grown’, it does seem reputable. The fact that it outlines the limitations of games along with its uses adds to that credibility.

I’m not really excited about the example games it provides to illustrate the concepts. Though the subject matter is of interest, the internet research quests aren’t really that appealing to me. I am hoping that the next module provides examples of a different nature that can be applied more directly to my teaching situation. My hope isn’t to learn how to create computer games for my students but rather learn how to create engaging, manipulative games that aren’t necessarily dependent on their technological skills.

Technical Component

So far the logistics of signing up, creating a profile and getting started have been seamless. At times I am uncertain what link I should be working on next so that has caused a little confusion. It was a little frustrating to have to go back to the introductory link to navigate the course but I’ve since discovered the system and have smoothed out that process.

It seems this MOOC initially was a timed course (rather than a self-directed one) so the discussion comments are dated and it’s difficult to tell who is taking it currently (without searching for that info.) I do plan to take the time to scroll down through some of the question comments to get that full experience of learning from others who have experienced the same course. At the same time, I appreciate the fact that I can go ahead or stop where it’s convenient for me.

On to module 3!


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