At the time of my last post over a year ago, I was embarking on a new journey into the elementary world after teaching high school music and elementary band for the previous decade (and then some). After a year of teaching K-4 Drama and grade 3 Social Studies I am once again striking out on a new path, this time as an elementary classroom teacher. I am really excited to be job sharing in a grade 2 classroom and look forward to all of the new adventures that await in this new role.

In the midst of this career change (not to mention personal change as my family and I adjusted to our move), I began pursuing my Masters of Education in Curriculum & Instruction. I have just started my third class, Social Media and Open Education, which is the purpose for resurrecting what initially was my ‘practise blog’!  [Incidentally, I believe you can audit the class if you’re interested. Check out last year’s EC&I 831 here. I’ll keep you posted on an updated site.]

Though I’m a little daunted by keeping up with all of the online expectations in this course, I am really excited to get a well-needed boost to my ‘Ed Tech’ skills and my comfort level with using a variety of platforms and technology tools. I’m also really excited that this class syncs up with my school’s (and my) technology goals this year so I will have the support I need to implement some of the new strategies I’m learning into my classroom. I feel like I have a bit of a jump start with regard to using new tools in the classroom as my job share partner already has a school blog, twitter and remind accounts for communicating with parents and a few iPads available for student use. I’m hoping to extend our technology use to student blogs later this fall when our students (and I!) are ready for that next step. I’m also planning to skype with my students again this year and look into online planning tools, particularly Cory Antonini’s Digital Learner Solutions Unit and Rubric Planner.

I will be posting about my new adventures in the classroom and in my masters class as I stumble and stride into the world of ed tech keeping in mind that my primary goal is to become a better teacher (and technology user) in the process!

Stay tuned and don’t mind a few ‘sour’ notes here and there as I get it all sorted out!


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